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2006 Rolling Stone Big Bang Tour  ( Washington Grizzly Stadium.) 



2006 Rolling Stone Big Bang Tour  ( Washington Grizzly Stadium.)                                                                   Fishing a pickup truck out of the Blackfoot river



Our 165 ton Demag crane at Direct Tv setting Ac units



Our two 60ton cranes lifting Montana Rail Link Locomotive



Otto's 165 ton Demag and 90 ton P&H retrieving a backhoe in Milltown Dam Project

                Capital Christmas tree

2008 Capital Christmas Tree for President Bush

c-15 with paragliderC-15 PinesdaleNeon Bruce

Paraglider flying by the crane up at Pinesdale, Mt     165t Picking 60' Water tank lid at Pinesdale, Mt


Ford 1923 Model T

1928 Model AModel A and T