Otto's, a second generation family business, was established early in 1952.  Otto's started out in a one stall wood framed garage with a wood coal floor heater.  Working nights and weekends paid off.  The business grew and soon a second stall was added for auto repairs.  The next show of growth was a tow truck with a hand winch, which the boys took turns cranking at accident scenes.  Things really improved when another truck was fitted with a Packard starter for the first electric winch. 

    After growing to eight tow trucks, Roger, the oldest son, took over the business.  Roger added his first crane to the growing assembly after his first year and the move from towing to cranes was under way!  Today, with a fleet of thirteen cranes, numerous heavy duty trucks and trailers and a rental equipment fleet which includes forklifts, scissor lifts, manlifts, cranes, light towers, generators and general rigging equipment, Otto's Inc is a leader in crane and rigging companies.   Roger has been joined in the company by his two sons, Patrick and Michael and wife-mother, Betty. 

    Otto's Inc. is prepared to hoist anything -- from pianos to bridge beams to railroad locomotives.  We can plan intricate machinery moves ranging from moving mainframe computers, safes, and digitally controlled milling machines to hoisting, jacking and hauling 200,000 pound transformers.  With our inventory of state of the art machinery moving equipment, we are able to move all types of machinery without damage to floors or equipment.  Add to this our rental fleet of contractor's equipment and you'll find us ready to server all your crane and rigging needs. 

We look forward to serving your needs and requests.